Thursday, July 14, 2011

How to put a podcast on a blogger post

This guy has done us all the honor of explaining how to put a podcast up on a blog.  Hooray.

Podcasting with Blogger

Too bad I need a file host....  Any ideas?

I heard a great thing on NPR

I heard this hour long radio essay on "Chicago House and Detroit Techno" and then I searched on NPR's website for "detroit techno" and found this:  Maybe have a listen!

Chicago House and Detroit Techno

CITATION: Afropop Worldwide | Midwest Electric: The Story of Chicago House and Detroit Techno, June 16, 2011, NPR


Well I want to report on dance music

So ive heard it called techo, house and dance, and i dont know what they mean.  So there is a good topic question. 

But of course, this is a world music assignment, so I should look at it's source.  I know that dance techno is popular throughout europe, the americas, africa and asia.  So that leaves the question of where does it come from?  It does have that persistent beat, so where does that come from?  I know that sampling is integral to the production of electro dance, so who's sampling what?